Board of Directors, Advisors & Staff


As one of America's best kept secrets, we work daily to evolve and grow in our relevance, integrity and importance. In order for the organization to be the best, we rely on a board of intelligent, educated and progressive thinking Black men and women to guide its direction. One of the largest challenges facing any national or international organization is to have committed individuals who care about the future of Black People, locally, nationally, and internationally.

The individuals who serve on the HBC Board of Directors are responsible for ensuring that the organization's programs and initiatives are in line with the mission: to protect and promote healthy Black communities, both domestically and internationally; through program, organization, and community development.

From our early days in 2001 to now, we have always had a slate of individuals who contributed their time, talent, and energy to make each year better and stronger. We remain grateful to our current Board of Directors, an array of brilliant, intelligent and smart folks who love who and what we are as Black People and the potential that exists within each Black Person who walks the planet.

HBC Founders

Montee Evans
Emmanuel Dennis
Founder/Board Member Emeritus
LaMont "Montee" Evans
Chief Executive Officer
Luga J. Joseph
Founder/Board Member Emeritus
1973 - 2011

2012 Board of Directors

Montee Evans
LaMont "Montee" Evans
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Eric. M. Bridges,
Dr. Laurant Jolly
Lyric Cosby
Dr. Brenda Crowder-Gaines
Diego Christian
Dr. Hassane Danesi
Dr. Brenda Crowder-Gaines
Dr. Rhonda Conerly-Holiday
Tversa Ricks
Kevin Williams

Coupled with a strong and vibrant Board of Directors is an array of Advisory Board Members who provide guidance, direction, and recommendations on the development of programs and services domestically and internationally within the organization's structure.

    * Stanley Bossou, Cote d'Ivoire
    * Mac Darling Cobinnah, Ghana
    * Andrew Kofi, Ghana
    * Habib Mukasa, Uganda Native
    * Charles Nornoo, Ghana
    * Kweku Daniel Sam, Ghana
    * Paul Yao, Cote d'Ivoire Native

    * Hamza Okunnu (Ghana) - Assistant to the CEO

The HBC Board of Directors meets regularly throughout the year to provide guidance to the organization's management and give direction for programs and initiatives developed by the organization. In addition, strategic planning meetings are held with key board members annually.

Should you need any additional information on the process, current board members and/or the responsibilities of board members, please contact us at your convenience. For those interested in serving on the Board of Directors and/or becoming an Advisor, please submit your resume/CV to All resumes received will be held in the strict of confidence and after careful review, someone will contact you for either a face-to-face or telephone interview prior to being considered.

Also, if you have specific questions about the status or overall structure of the organization, please email HBC's Chief Executive Officer, LaMont "Montee" Evans directly at